How To Prepare For Your Reading

Posted on: 22 Jul 2021

To prepare for a reading, the most important aspect is to BE WELL RESTED, and sit! My readings are powerful energetic vortexes, that take us from one plane into the next and everything in between. Just imagine it being the energetic equal of a triathlon!! I WORK WITH YOU along with Spirit!!

Write down questions that you might have about finance, business, romance, or family members. Bring a way to keep track of what comes through. Take notes and record the reading if available! SO many things including past life issues and they COME IN FAST!! It’s better to keep your questions streamlined and clear so you stay on track and get out of your reading what you want to know.

Please know that this is the time that you can access past, present, and future because spirit is omnipresent (everywhere at once!) meaning you can get access to all of that knowledge too.

Please be aware and know that you get what Spirit says you need, not what you want, so do be aware of what you ask and the answers it can provide.

If you would like somebody to come forward in the reading, hold the intention very lightly in your heart and your head that they will come forward. Lightly hold this intention so that you don’t shut down the reading from any OTHER people, messages, ascended masters, spirit guides, etc. to come through. A hyper-focus on one person CAN shut the reading down. I can not make any entity come forward, only you can with love!

Be intentional with your time with Spirit. Do you want a forecast for the next year? Do you want to clear past life issues? Discover hidden gifts? Do you want to figure out how you can dive deeper with spirit?

A LIT SESSION?! Not only do dead loved ones come forward, ancestors, ascended masters, animals, but they can also even still be a living being and astral project in! Be diligent to get the absolute best results with SPIRIT.

Please know that in my psychic medium readings, there is no separation between them, meaning they all can come forward in JUST one reading! Our time together will be powerful, sacred, and potent. I deeply look forward to guiding you and seeing what Spirit will unleash for you!